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For Candidates

BoardMatch™ Introduction for Candidates

Non-profit board service is a wonderful way to enhance your life and your work. There are over 75,000 charities in Canada, each and every charity could benefit from the effective leadership a well-run volunteer board of directors.

Serving on a board of a local community organization is an opportunity for you to gain leadership experience, build meaningful connection to your neighbors and expand your professional networks, as well as, contribute to the causes you are passionate about to make a positive difference in the world.

The value of charitable board service

  • Share your expertise.
  • Give back to the causes you care about.
  • Expand knowledge, experience and diversity of thought.
  • Charities with professional and effective boards gain credibility with funders and supporters.
  • Grow professional networks.
  • Expose yourself to other industries and different business strategies.
  • Open yourself to others ideas, different perspectives to advance a common goal.
  • Learn to communicate with others from diverse backgrounds.
  • Strengthen professional creditability.
  • Support and strengthen your community.

What is BoardMatch™

BoardMatch is a free online service that matches skilled professionals with volunteer leadership positions in charities where the need and values align.

  • Search charity postings.
  • Sign up for email alerts for postings that match your interests.
  • Apply for charitable board positions.

BoardMatch™ Leaders Program

Frequently Asked Questions

The level of involvement and time commitment varies from charity to charity depending on size, governance model, stage of growth. But here are the basics: Time commitment: average 40 hours a year; meeting quarterly (4x a year) to monthly (10x a year) in addition to committee work.

Absolutely not, there are huge range of charities with a huge range of leadership needs. Good board value diversity of professional experience, age, gender and ethnicity in their board composition. It is about finding the right fit for your life and career goals and the board member for the culture and needs of the charity.

A corporate board main goal is to increase shareholder value, often they are paid positions. Non-profit boards are entirely composed of volunteers. Non-profit boards are not (only) revenue-driven but mission-driven and represents the members/stakeholders of the organization.

Register for BoardMatch Fundamentals at Once you finish the registration& orientation process you will have access to current board opening that match your interests. The list is constantly being updated - so check back often.

Apply for positions via BoardMatch Fundamentals. Much like applying for a job, the charity will review your application and will decide if they want to interview you for the position. From there, you and the charity decide if it is the right match for both of you.

In the GTA: BoardMatch Leaders is our 2-day governance training program in Toronto, offered 3 times a year. Find out more information at

Outside of the GTA: BoardMatch Leaders is our governance training program, we currently offer it in person in Toronto but will be expanding the program to other cities and online. If you are interested, please contact Susan Dunne for more information.

Most boards are responsible for:

  • Financial oversight: approve budgets, review cash flow and balance sheets and other financial statements
  • Hiring, managing and evaluation of the Executive Director. The Executive Director is the connection between the board and staff and he/she answers to the board.
  • Governance oversight: sets policies, standards and practices - overseeing the implementation of those policies
  • Strategic planning: defining the mission, vision and goals for the organization
  • Fundraising
  • Ambassador: promote and champion the organization to stakeholders

Working boards take a more hands on role in the management of people and programs.

Governance boards role is oversight (30000 feet) of the organization, not involved in the day-to-day operations.

Welcome! Let's create impact together.

With your help, We have been strengthening charitable boards For more than 25 years.

Welcome! Let's create impact together.

With your help, We have been strengthening charitable boards

For more than 25 years.