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Congratulations to the Cohort 1 BoardMatch Leaders

BoardMatch continues to grow and evolve, we’re proud to announce and congratulate the participants who formed the first cohort upon our launch of the redesigned program! Cohort 1 is a group of highly skilled and diverse individuals who were nominated by their employers, as high-potential leaders, to be trained to sit on Boards in the nonprofit sector. We’re excited to see where these exceptional leaders decide to gift their time, talent, and treasure by serving on charity boards. Thank you, Cohort 1 BoardMatch Leaders, for your enthusiastic participation, passion, and dedication to creating an impact in our community! 

These individuals have completed an intensive training program and are now prepared to serve on boards of directors for small to medium-sized charities in their communities. 

With shortages of volunteers, nonprofits are increasingly requiring and relying on, trained individuals to join Boards across all the subsectors from arts and sports to social services. Particularly needed are strong leaders who bring not only professional skills and relevant designations but who are also passionate about the sector and about promoting diversity and equity. The BoardMatch Leaders program is an intensive training program that gives participants confidence and perspectives to join Boards and to make strong contributions to nonprofits in their local communities. The day allowed the participants to learn about the sector, to understand the responsibilities and roles of Boards, and examine the wide range of governance models that characterize Boards. The design of the day included case studies and role plays and allowed them to explore how to bring their corporate experience to governance. The diversity amongst the group in terms of backgrounds and skill sets created engaging and challenging discussions. With an openness to collective learning, they challenged their preconceived notions and founds ways that they can contribute in significant ways. Whether the participants had prior Board experience or not, everyone gained new insights and shared meaningful reflections post-program. Diversity among board members plays an invaluable role in promoting collaboration and deepening organizational impact, so it will be exciting to watch as these trained corporate leaders bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the nonprofit boards on which they will serve. 

“This program is a confidence and skills booster for people with or without board experience. I truly believe that the corporate participants in the program who may have had limited or no experience in the non-profit world, are equipped more than the typical board member after this training.” 

Tanya Whitney, Inclusion New Brunswick

Thank you to all that have invested their time, energy, and emotion into making this program a success.

We would also like to give a huge thank you to our corporate sponsor, EY, for their generous hospitality allowing us all to come together in an intimate space to learn and participate. In addition to the participants from EY, we are also proud to have representation from Loblaw, Magna, RBC, Scotia, Telus, Inclusion New Brunswick, ivy Group Inc., and STS Capital Partners. We thank Kirstin Beardsley, CEO of Food Banks Canada for her inspiring and breathtaking words. Her heartfelt remarks reverberated throughout the room and displayed the dire need for good governance, change, and a helping hand within the nonprofit space. The immense passion among the room for helping those in need was magnified. Lastly, we would like to extend our sincerest of thanks to our Program Trainer, Dr. Patricia Bradshaw. Her expertise in governance and skills as a facilitator created discussion sessions full of thought-provoking engagement. We are thankful for her enthusiasm, dedication, and skillful facilitation that allowed us all to learn and grow together – thank you! 

Together, we can empower charities and enrich communities. 

We are incredibly proud of our Cohort 1 BoardMatch Leaders and all they achieved. We feel certain that their involvement will have a tremendous impact on their chosen organizations and the communities they serve. To everyone who was part of the relaunch of this program, thank you for your commitment to making a difference, you have reinforced the value the program brings to board members and the community!  

Please reach out if you would like to learn more about the program, are a charity seeking qualified and experienced board members, or are a corporation interested in sponsoring the next cohort of the BoardMatch Leaders program. Contact us by emailing

Welcome! Let's create impact together.

With your help, We have been strengthening charitable boards For more than 25 years.

Welcome! Let's create impact together.

With your help, We have been strengthening charitable boards

For more than 25 years.