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Doubling Your Impact: Elevate Your Leadership Toolkit this Giving Tuesday with Altruvest! 

This Giving Tuesday, step into a realm of meaningful change and community empowerment with Altruvest Charitable Services. At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to empower leaders and enrich nonprofit organizations through the transformative BoardMatch Leaders Program. As we approach this year’s Giving Tuesday, we are excited to unveil a special offer that magnifies the impact of your generosity.

The Power of Partnership: STS Capital Partners Joins the Cause

For over two decades, Altruvest Charitable Services has had a powerful partnership with STS Capital Partners. In alignment with STS’ goal of creating billions of dollars in philanthropic value, they have graciously made a donation to match contributions for up to 10 BoardMatch Leaders, enhancing our collective impact.

The two-part seminar program recruits high potential leaders and volunteers, trains them on their roles and responsibilities as a board member, matches them with a charity looking for someone with their skills and interests, and provides a mentor throughout their board journey.

How Your Contribution Can Double on Giving Tuesday

1. Register or Sponsor a Candidate

On Giving Tuesday, register yourself or sponsor a candidate for the upcoming BoardMatch Leaders Program sessions in Toronto (January 17, 2024) or Vancouver (Spring 2024). Registration starts at $3,500, with group discounts available. You can also explore potential support for program fees through your social impact or sponsorship departments.

2. STS Capital Partners Match

Thanks to our impactful partnership, each candidate registration made on Giving Tuesday will be matched by STS Capital Partners, up to a maximum of 10 additional leaders.

3. Gift the Opportunity to Someone Else and the Community

When you register for the BoardMatch Leaders program on Giving Tuesday, you are not just investing in your own growth; you are gifting the same opportunity to someone else. Your involvement creates a multiplier effect, strengthening the nonprofit sector and fostering positive, lasting change in the community.

Taking Action

Ready to be a part of this transformative initiative? Here’s how you can take action now:

  • Register: Email Lee Giles at to secure your spot in an upcoming BoardMatch Leaders session.
  • Spread the Word: Utilize the hashtag #DoubleImpactTuesday on social media to share this initiative with your network. Encourage your peers to join in and help us reach our goal.

Your Support Matters

Beyond the immediate impact on Giving Tuesday, your support contributes to a broader vision of personal and professional growth, ultimately shaping a brighter future for nonprofits and the communities they serve.

As we collectively strive for positive change, let’s make this Giving Tuesday a catalyst for building a network of dedicated leaders committed to making a lasting and meaningful difference.

Thank you for considering this special opportunity to double your impact and be a force for positive change in our communities.

Welcome! Let's create impact together.

With your help, We have been strengthening charitable boards For more than 25 years.

Welcome! Let's create impact together.

With your help, We have been strengthening charitable boards

For more than 25 years.